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Designing shared accounts & team access  for Twitter 

Twitter asked Thunk to improve the user experience of their advanced tools. Focusing on professional users, Journalists and teams using the same Twitter account. We conducted research and design to improve existing solutions.

The partnership

The problem

Some users had difficulty understanding how the existing team and multi account management system worked. This caused major issues, such as unauthorised account access, Tweets from incorrect accounts, and other painpoints.



We started with an analytics deep dive and a survey with over 1000 professional Twitter users. Having gained an understanding of the problem space we conducted in-depth interviews, with BBC News, Al Jazerra, CBS, Reach PLC and others. Involving product and engineering teams throughout.

User research





The insights gathered drove the strategy that we created. This required highly important engineering and data science needs, a marketing need and close collaboration with other internal teams.

Strategy & planning

We kicked off the design process by gathering key stakeholders from across different teams and functions. Together we defined solutions that would meet user needs and also be inline with other parts of the business.


We quickly gained confidence that the new designs were satisfying user needs through regular testing. This enabled the engineering team to plan sprints alongside, whilst the finer details of the designs evolved.

Test & iterate

More understandable experience for teams and shared accounts


Reduction in shared accounts and teams support requests

Increase in shared account security

Reduction in user mistakes when posting Tweets

Thunk's research defined a number of highly important projects we hadn’t thought about. This turned out to be essential for this piece of work to be successful. Their lean design and collaborative approach also made this project highly enjoyable. The team felt they contributed and learnt a lot during the process.

Eleanor Harding Product Manager Twitter

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