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Farnell asked Thunk to build their user research function, from selecting the best candidates to designing assessment tasks for interviews. 

Building a user research capability 

Working with HR and UX leadership we identified areas of the recruitment process that needed improving. We tailored interview questions and tasks to ensure candidates received a good experience and help Farnell hire the best people for the role.

A better hiring experience

We designed the right research tasks that enabled candidates to showcase their process and thinking. Our capabilities work gave hiring managers and HR the tools to successfully facilitate further candidate interviews and tasks. 

Introducing research tasks

As well as helping Farnell to build a user research team, we designed a research strategy that sits across product teams and focuses on understanding needs from a global customer base. 

Designing a global research strategy

Victoria Howling Head of Recruitment

Thunk were invaluable in helping to shape our recruitment strategy and interview process for roles within our UX/UR team. They helped tailor both our interview questions and scenarios in order to effectively identify and shortlist candidates. They were pivotal in ensuring we secured high calibre, key hires into the business.

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