Better Design = Better Results

Get Better Conversions, Engagement & Customer Experience in Just 5 Days. 

Let’s craft frictionless experiences together, like we did alongside Product Leaders from…
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • NHS
  • BBC
  • EE
  • Reed

    Your Digital Products & Services

    …But with deep insights and solutions that blow your customers & stakeholders into next week!

    World class design expertise planted directly within your teams for fast explosive results in only 5 days.

    We get it

    Because we’ve bloody been there

    • Urgh.

      Caught up in the day-to-day, you just don’t have the time to even think about the future of your product.

    • Arhh.

      It’s so difficult to get the time to really understand your users or customers and gather valuable insights.

    • Phht.

      The struggle to communicate the value of design is real, especially with constrained resources.

    • “…boosted our customer research, and defined our product roadmap for the next 12 months…”

      Michele Battelli
      Chief Product Officer

    • Farnell

      “…brilliant research insight sessions get better every time. It’s become so more important for us…”

      Rob Rospedzihowski
      President Sales EMEA

    • Fine+Rare Logo

      “…understood the complexities of our business and levelled up our design team…”

      Patrick O’Connor

    WTF is a Thunk Bomb

    A design sprint? a workshop? nope, and nope. It’s not even a fresh pair of eyes on your shizzle.

    It’s half-a-flippin-century of experience, blasting the bejeezus out of, and then rebuilding, your processes, strategy, UX, hiring, ideas & future visions. Drastically changing the way you, your teams and products work.

    In just 5 days. Yes, that’s right. 5 days.

    • Day 1

      Stakeholders & Teams

    • Day 2

      Analytics & Data

    • Day 3

      Customer & Users

    • Day 4

      Compiling & Review

    • Day 5

      Explosive Results

    Ready to light the blue touch paper?

      Easy Tiger, tell me more…

      Who's involved?

      • Rick Farrell

        Rick Farrell

        Designer Partner & Founder

        A former Google product designer, Rick spent a decade of his 25 year career designing for Google Search, Maps, Android and more. Leading design at Thunk, Rick is hands-on with all of our projects, with his quarter century of in-house experience under his belt.

      • Paul Hill

        Paul Hill

        Research Partner

        With a 25 year career across both design and research, Paul has developed research processes and led strategies for NHS Digital, Sky, DAZN, Orange, and more.

      Your Explosive Results

      What You Can Expect

      • Succinct conversations and tough questions
      • Designs, sketches, rough ideas and outline plans
      • Multiple visions, directions or strategies to dig into
      • Unique design led insight

      What Not To Expect

      • Fancy slide decks
      • Slick presentations
      • Fully defined roadmaps
      • Polished design ideas
      • Fully fledged strategies

      • Twitter

        “…Great product design, professional, so fun to work with, and delivered actual results…”

        Felicia Williams

        Design Director


      • Reed

        “…left a lasting impact on processes and principles that continue to drive our design efforts…”

        Eddie Pecker

        VP Product & Engineering


      • NHS Logo

        “…totally transformed our product AND our design process at a critical time for the project…”

        Rob Lenihan

        Head of Design


      It’s surely worth a chat, ain’t it!?