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The 5 best prototyping tools for UI designers

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Prototypes are an essential tool that allows developers to try out their product and fine-tune features in order to make it the best it can possibly be before release. 

They are also a great way to loop in your decision makers and stakeholders, as it allows them to get hands-on with the product and offer informed feedback.

Considering your product’s UI is one of the most important features when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Being able to prototype UI elements allows you to squash bugs before the product releases to the public.

5 prototyping tools you should know about


If you’re a UI designer, you likely already know about Figma. If not, it’s time to check it out! 

Figma is a leading prototyping tool for UX/UI designers. It has been built with an emphasis on collaboration, so teams can build prototypes and design together. It’s cloud-based, which makes saving and sharing your progress simple; no more desperately trying to find early iterations or accidentally losing a draft. 

Adobe XD

Adobe XD helps UX/UI design and development teams collaborate by giving them access to a wide range of prototyping tools. As with other Adobe software, Adobe XD is easy to set up and use, but still offers complex and detail-rich design tools. 

The biggest advantage of Adobe XD is that everything in the Adobe suite can work together. So, you don’t have to keep switching apps every time you need to make slight revisions to the base .PSD file you’re using.


Webflow is an incredibly easy tool to use with no-code and a drag and drop functionality. It offers designers a quick way to design and prototype regardless of skill or coding knowledge.

Meanwhile, while you create your prototype, Webflow will also create a live website complete with all of the HTML, CCS and JavaScript elements. So not only will you be left with your prototype, you have a fully functioning website ready to go if the prototype passes QC checks.


Sketch is considered by most to be the industry standard for prototyping and it’s easy to see why. Packed full of great features and a super easy to use interface, it’s effective without over-complicating things.

Sketch offers lots of small, but incredibly helpful features to help UI designers gain consistency across their full product. Reusable elements can be used throughout your site, while the smart layout feature changes their dimensions depending on the content. 


Justinmind may not be a common name in the prototyping space just yet, but it’s certainly on its way! 

It is perfect for newcomers to UI design, offering plenty of support such as video and written tutorials, and a regularly updated blog packed with tips and insights. The platform offers UI libraries, templates, and plenty of integrations, as well as a good range of practical features that can help beginners create sophisticated products. 

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