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What nobody tells you about prioritising the roadmap

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We’ve put some thinking down on how to prioritise your product roadmap.

There’s one fundamental that we’re only starting to grapple with as a discipline. And that’s how to build a roadmap that delivers business value. Value through user-centric product development. Because when customers get value, this releases value into the business.  

If you’re struggling to prioritise your roadmap – start where you are and don’t overthink it. In this guide we ask you to start with two questions:
What’s the business goal and what’s the tangible outcome?

If you’re an ecommerce site and your goal is to improve orders, your calculation could be this will increase revenue by X%. That’s your roadmap, that’s your priority.

What comes next?
We share half a flippin’ century’s worth of knowledge and experience on how to prioritise your roadmap. We walk you through the reasons why most maps fail. We discuss the hidden costs of this failure.

We bring everything to life with a real world example of how a B2B ecommerce brand transitioned from having a product roadmap that took cues from large B2C online retailers to creating a roadmap rooted in insights from researching and observing their business customers. The goal was to increase conversion rates. The result was a 9% increase in orders. 

If your CEO has canned half of your product roadmap, then it probably isn’t capturing how it’s creating the value that means the difference between sign off, start again or “just build this”.
If your Slack inbox is stuffed with questions from sales, engineering, customer service, marketing, then it isn’t working as a communication tool and you’re probably still working in a silo.
If you’ve got just one of the other 100 roadmap headaches. 

Download the guide here. You’ll want to get cracking.