Andy Wardleworth by Andy Wardleworth

The no BS guide to increasing design maturity

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A lot of people have been saying they want more ideas on how to become more design-led.

Making sure design is seen as “business thing” not just a “design thing” is a problem that even the most seasoned CPO or design lead will have had to overcome, or will have to. All too often, the role of design is just not understood, let alone valued.

So we put this guide together. The problem probably runs deeper than you think. Research from IBM tells us that:

  • Just 39% of organisations say that they are design-driven
  • 61% see design as a nice-to-have
  • 45% say their design only moderately or minimally reflected their most important business values

In this guide we do four things:

  1. Walk you through the three things that are holding most businesses back.
  2. Explain the reasons why applying more “digital lipstick” that has zero impact on outcomes for users, or the business, isn’t the solution.
  3. Help you assess where you are – and ask what would your answers be to 5 killer questions.
  4. Serve up the secret sauce and outline a way forward for CPOs and design leads like you to advance design maturity in your business.

Okay that’s enough from us. You’ll want to get cracking. Download the guide [here].