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UX designer: 5 critical traits to look out for when hiring

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In a world that’s increasingly driven by digital, the role of a UX designer has also grown in importance. After all, UX designers are the people who shape the relationship we form with the tech we use. 

But how can you know that a UX designer is up to the task?

We’ve pulled together a list of the soft skills and personality traits any successful UX designer will possess, to help you source the very best talent for your digital products.

What all great UX designers have in common…

1. A love for problem-solving

First and foremost, a great UX designer should also have a love for problem-solving. This is the UX designer’s role in a nutshell. Whether designing user-centric workflows or fixing bugs, UX designers need to be passionate about finding the best solution — be it big and small.

2. Persistent curiosity

Curiosity is another key trait that all great UX designers will possess. Asking questions is what leads to the unique and elegant solutions that will define your user experience. 

This curiosity should take on two main forms. The first is an eagerness to learn and experiment, and the second is a keen ear for listening.

A designer who is curious enough to push forward with original ideas while also listening to your users is exactly the sort of designer you want on your side. 

3. A desire to communicate

At its core, UX design is about communication. The design of your product should communicate its goals, functions, and nuances to your users in clear, yet subtle, ways. It may sound like an impossible brief, but not for UX designers.

4. An openness to collaboration

A finished UX experience is rarely the vision of a single designer. More often, it’s the result of various opinions, insights, lightbulb moments, criticisms, praises, and general feedback being expertly distilled into a seamless design. 

All of this input comes in the form of direct and indirect collaboration. It may not seem as romantic as one person’s ‘eureka!’ moment, but it generally leads to the most polished and effective result. 

That’s why a great UX designer must be open to collaboration. 

5. An analytical approach to design

Finally, the best UX designers are those who can employ an analytics approach. UX design is equal parts art and science. But too often, a UX designer will get lost in the aesthetics of a UX project. This can lead to a result that is pleasing to the eyes, but frustrating to use. 

An analytical UX designer will be able to parse through data, feedback, and experience to create a design that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Finding a great UX designer doesn’t need to be difficult

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