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5 types of blockchain – putting the concept into action

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The blockchain is one of the most exciting pieces of emerging tech. So exciting that an offshoot of blockchain technology, NFTs, has become an international craze.

Despite all of the hype around the blockchain concept, however, many businesses find themselves unsure of what this technology is capable of and how it can apply to their business model. 

In this post, we’re going to look at several real-world examples so that you can get a better idea of what blockchain is capable of. 

5 types of blockchain in action

Rewarding customer loyalty through the blockchain

First on our list of blockchain examples is something we are likely all familiar with: Customer loyalty programs. Fundamentally, these programs are all about tracking a series of data for a single user. This data stacks linearly, making it a great candidate for blockchain disruption. 

That’s exactly what Incent has done with its blockchain concept. Using the Ethereum blockchain, Incent provides infrastructure for brands to build their customer loyalty programs on top of. 

It keeps track of customer accounts and allows businesses to reward their customers with crypto. This helps to reduce the exploitation of rewards programs, keeps customers from forgetting their information, and provides a unique loyalty experience. 

The Illinois Blockchain Initiative is securing citizens’ documentation with blockchain

The American state of Illinois is also making use of blockchain. It launched the Illinois Blockchain Initiative, a collaborative project between various state-based groups. 

These groups are looking into innovative ways that blockchain can be used to improve the lives of citizens. Namely, that means looking at use cases for securing identification records through the blockchain. 

In practice, this will allow individuals to access their records more easily and securely. There will be fewer instances of identity theft, lost records, and overall greater transparency. The state is also opening up suggestions and information requests to the public to expand education and ideas.

Building Blocks is using the blockchain to provide humanitarian assistance

One of the most good-natured blockchain concepts on this list is being implemented by Building Blocks. This effort is intended to support the adoption of blockchain by humanitarian organisations as a way of building transparency and trust. 

These types of organisations must provide transparency to their donors as well as their beneficiaries. The blockchain can and is being used by Building Blocks to do just this. It monitors the access to resources being given to individuals in need and provides this data to donors for increased confidence. 

As of now, more than one million people have already been helped by this implementation of blockchain. 

Keeping healthcare secure with blockchain technology

Another key and popular blockchain concept lies within the healthcare sector. Like finance, this is a sector ripe with opportunities for blockchain tech. Data, record keeping, and data sharing all require secure ledgers for keeping track of patient information. 

Patientory is a business that uses blockchain to solve all of these needs. It’s building solutions that will allow healthcare providers to store patient data and records in a blockchain. This data will then be accessible to other healthcare providers, creating an immutable and incorruptible database of information for doctors and professionals to refer to. 

DHL is adopting blockchain across its logistics services

DHL, one of the biggest logistics organisations in the world, is beginning to adopt blockchain throughout its services. Its goal is to provide an improved service and cut through the hype and see if blockchain tech can be a truly disruptive technology.  

The business is exploring this by using blockchain to provide improved traceability and transparency, automate commercial processes, and introduce cryptocurrency into its business model. 

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