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Scaling design  capabilities with a design-led hiring strategy 

Sensat asked Thunk to design the entire recruitment process for product designers and researchers. Including portfolio evaluation, design assessment tasks, interview workshops and the full candidate experience.

The project

Portfolio evaluation and candidate assessments

We evaluated applicants, but more importantly we gave non-designers the skills to recognise good design. The tools we produced help the business identify the best designers and researchers.

Interview structure and candidate experience

Working with HR, product and leadership we structured interviews from screening to offer stage. Candidates received the best experience possible whilst Sensat were able to hire top industry leading  talent

Design and research interview tasks

We designed the right in-person design and research tasks that enable candidates to showcase their thinking and approach. Our workshops trained the Sensat team to successfully facilitate their own design tasks.

Career ladders

Sensat asked us to calibrate design and research levels to future-proof career progression. Our influence enables designers and researchers to flourish and grow their careers with Sensat.

Paddy Lambros Head of People

Thunk took us through the creation of our design and research hiring process. Up skilling non-designers to recognise good design portfolios. The workshop on running in-person design tasks was really fantastic. The resources Thunk created for us have been extremely valuable as we increase our design and research capabilities.

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