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Giving patients greater control  of their medicines

We partnered with NHS Digital to understand the medication journey of patients, what problems they face and how technology could be used to to simplify and add value.

The Challenge

Patients talk of the stress and confusion with obtaining, using and managing their medication. This results in vast amounts of uncollected medication that costs the NHS hundreds of millions each year. 

The Problem

Annual cost of uncollected medicine


We reframed the original problem by facilitating participatory workshops with patients that focused specifically around how they obtain their medication, their jobs-to-be-done and their pain-points.

Reframing  via discovery

Collaborative designing

We facilitated collaborative design-thinking workshops centered around patients needs and generated ideas for improving the way that people obtain their medication

Testing lo-fidelity prototypes with patients in GP surgeries and pharmacies allowed us to learn fast with minimal effort. To help patients resonate with the concept even more, we increased the fidelity and made it interactive. 

Testing the concept

By narrowing the problem space, we gave NHS Digital the insights and direction to implement the concept ideas into any of their internal products and services. 


Jo Smith Product Director  NHS Digital

Thunk delivered a vision for the future of medicine and prescriptions on the NHS. A fantastic collaborative approach that had testable prototypes within a week. 

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