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Sensat asked us to discover opportunities to grow their product. They partnered with us to gain a deeper view of the context, motivation and behaviour of current and potential customers.


Understanding the lay of the land

The opportunity

With the revolutionary technology of Mapp®, Sensat have an amazing product that has transformed the surveying element of the construction industry. How Mapp® will fit into wider user workflows was still relatively unknown.


Kicking off discovery

We challenged key stakeholders to enable us to get a clear understanding of the business, its goals and assumptions they had about their customers. This helped create a targeted focus for the discovery.


Mapping user journeys

We facilitated a research study with participants from multiple roles within the construction industry. Collaboratively with the participants, we mapped out their process and workflow to identify moments of truth, pain-points and opportunities.


Delivering immersive insights

We delivered an easy-to-consume experience that allowed all staff to easily take on board the key insights. Using mounted poster-boards that presented the user workflow, the audience could scan QR codes or use NFC to listen to audio clips of key customer insights.


Design workshop

We facilitated a remote design workshop to generate ideas based on the insights we delivered. Together with Sensat's industry expertise we generated a number of ideas to explore further. 


Driving the product roadmap

The insights that generated many ideas allowed Sensat to prioritise their product roadmap and present further opportunities for growth. This research became a key tool for onboarding new Sensat staff. 


Michele Battelli Chief Product Officer

Thunk accelerated our understanding of client workflows and needs. Uncovering opportunities and kick starting ideas that contributed to product roadmaps for the next 12 months. The easily consumable output from this project also became a key part of our employee onboarding process.

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